Гастрономический ужин СИЛА СИБИРИ

Gastronomic dinner THE POWER OF SIBERIA


"Siberia has its own laws of life. The climate is no joke, there are few people and the main thing in success there is honesty, the power of open intention. People try to be reliable, understandable and positive."

Inspired by the wisdom of Siberians, the brand chef of the iconfood restaurant holding, Pavel Larionov, together with the chef of the Black Market restaurant, Mikhail Corrales Marin, will present 4 original dishes that will reveal the gastronomic potential of the northern region.

The dishes of the special menu will be accompanied by wines provided by Simple Wine.

The host of the evening, Maxim Kurokhtin (Brand Ambassador of Simple Wine), will talk about each in detail.
At the end of the dinner, we will serve dessert from the Brand pastry chef Viktor Alexandrov with herbal tea.

And the compliment will be the author's tincture based on Siberian ingredients from the bar manager of the iconfood restaurant holding Asker Khashev.

In the menu:

  • - Profiteroles with three types of caviar / red, black, pike (Balaclava Brut Rose);
  • - Bear meat carpaccio with truffle / with parmesan, dried tomatoes and arugula (Cabernet Franc Rose);
  • - Northern shrimp coquille / baked in cream sauce with parmesan cheese with shrimp caviar (Malvasia Shumrinka | white)
  • - Venison tenderloin on northern lingonberries / with pine cone jam and celery puree (Cabernet Franc | red);
  • - Dessert "Northern Lights" (Branca Menta).

At the beginning of the dinner, you will find a Stroganina show of northern fish – the best in terms of gastronomic qualities and health benefits. It's beautiful and very tasty! Especially from the partners of the Power of Siberia dinner with a performance by the owner, Vasily Ushakov.

The Power of Siberia — fresh Siberian products from ecologically clean regions of Russia.

Date: December 13
Gathering of guests: 19:30
Start: 20:00
Ticket price: 6900 rubles.

Details on the website by phone: +7 (495) 989 04 45

See you soon!